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Flatbed Die Cutting
Flat bed die cutting (or steel rule die cutting) is an efficient and cost effective method to die cut or laser cut less complex part designs. It is typically used for smaller production quantities. Parts are manufactured in a reciprocating die cut press using a steel rule die that is bent to form the desired part. A synthetic board holds the steel rule in place. The board is laser cut to ensure accuracy.
Blister Die
Blister Sealing is used extensively in the packaging industry for sealing thermoformed display packages to a laminated cardboard or reinforced backing material. Our blister sealing dies are used extensively in commercial heating presses. The blister dies or trays, as they are commonly refered to, are made of either a plywood or aluminum frame contoured to the thermoforms shape in order to provide alignment relative to the backing material
Nicking & Stripping Die
If the cutting edge on a die were continuous, the die cut sheet would fall apart during die cutting, the waste area separating from the rest of the sheet. So several "nicks" are made into the knife edge to keep the sheet from falling apart on press. Afterwards, removing the waste area from the die cut sheet is called "stripping". The small "nibs" along the die cut edge are a result of this nicking process. The size of these nibs can be controlled to some extent but are unavoidable.
Sticker Die
Is with Kiss-Cutting and base with Hylam sheet.
Die with Embossing
DiesĀ  with Cutting, Creasing and Embossing at the same stroke, it saves lot of time for the users and reduces the finishing time with best results.
Hologram Die
This dies are only possible thru laser technology with accuracy and as many nos. of ups.
Other dies
Form Cutting Die (for manufacturers including die cut polyurethane foam, die cut silicone foam and die cut neoprene foam suppliers) Puzzle die, Carpet die, Paper cup die, Paper lid die, Gasket die, Circuit Board die and others
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