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Air Holes Holes in die cutters that aid in the prevention of deformations in die cut materials by allowing the release of air from the die cavities.
Anvil The surface upon which the materials to be die cut rest.
Automated Feed Systems Components of certain die cutting machines that provide the continuous, automatic supply of material to the die cut machine.
Capacity The widest part that can be cut on the equipment.
Chisel Punches Blades located either on the die or another part of the press that produce a separation in Laser die materials.
Composite A material obtained by layering and bonding with resin sheets of woven material to obtain specific characteristics and properties. The materials are not completely blended and so remain physically identifiable.
Deflection Unwanted deviation from parallelism in the top die plate.
Die Blade A steel blade attached to the die that performs the cutting procedure by penetrating through the die cut substance.
Dieboard Steel rule die component, often consisting of plywood, in which the die blades are inserted.

Kevlar DuPont’s trade name for aramid fibers that are strong, tough and stiff, have a high melting point and are used in composite construction. Kevlar is lighter, stiffer and more costly than glass fiber.

Kiss Cut A die cut that penetrates the upper layer(s) of the die cut material instead of penetrating through the material.
Knifing The process of fitting the steel die blades into the die board of a steel rule die.
Nicks Indentations in a die rule that stop the cutting.
Punch The die component that actually forms, or punches, a shape from the die cutting material.
Steel Rule Die A flatbed die containing sharp blades in the die board situated in a particular line to reflect the required part design.
Through Cutting Die cutting in which the die cut material is penetrated all the way.
Ultrasonic A frequency usually higher than 20 kHz, which is too high to be heard by the human ear.
Web Continuous roll form.
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